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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (Or SEO) just means optimizing your website in ways that may make an internet search engine’s spiders capable to efficiently “crawl” and index your website.

Ideally to get more traffic you want your own site to rank in the first areas on the SERP. According to a study by Chitika; an On-Line Marketing Network 33% of online searchers click that is only on the first SERP result. Theoretically this means if your site isn’t THAT first search result, you’ll just have 2/3rds of the possibility compared to the first result. This little detail can badly influence your company’s bottom line is affected by the number of visitors to your own site and in turn.

Search Engine Optimization is basically a guessing game. The precise algorithms are corporate secrets, yet there are components increase the amount of traffic to your website and you can incorporate to make your website score higher and a number of established best practices.


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